2024 Membership Renewals Due by March 29, 2024

Its that time of year where we need all members to update their membership information and pay their yearly dues. You will soon or should have already received your 2024 membership renewal form in the mail.  Please fill in that form and mail it with your payment to Dora Brandt at the address shown – or if you prefer, you may make your payment on-line by clicking the Payments link here or above in the menu.

If you pay on-line, we still need your membership information, so please Email a copy of your completed form to Dora Brandt at brandtd@bellsouth.net. You can either fill in the form by hand and mail it, scan and Email it, or edit the .pdf file using your Adobe .pdf editor, save it to your computer and attach it to an Email to Dora.

Here is a link to a copy of the 2024 membership renewal form.

Membership renewals and payments are due by March 29, 2024.

Note that there are several catagories of membership as discussed on the form and repeated below. Please pay the amount approriate for your level of membership. Most members should pay the regular member $20.00 rate (inside the Birmingham area):

2024 SCS/SNC Retirees Membership Qualifications & Dues:
(Note: Employees retiring after September 2023, the 2024 dues are NOT required.)

  1. Regular Members –
    • Employees retired with pension or long-term disability – Dues $20.00
    • Employees retired with pension or long-term disability living outside (more than 50-mile radius) of the Birmingham area. – Dues $10.00

  2. Associate Members:
    • Spouse of a dues paying Regular Member No dues required
    • Surviving spouse of a deceased Regular Member – Dues $10.00

  3. Honorary Members: Employees retired with a pension or long-term disability who are physically unable to participate. – No dues required

Thank you!